How to fix GC overhead limit exceeded in Eclipse

How to fix GC overhead limit exceeded in Eclipse

Especially true if you’re using Eclipse in 64 bit machine, Eclipse will throw GCoverhead limit exceeded when it runs out of memory when performing memory-consuming operations such as building workspace on big projects.

An internal error occurred during: "Building workspace".
GC overhead limit exceeded
While such problem won’t come up when you’re coding using text editors, the operation is required to enable some extra functionality to the IDE. To fix this problem, go to your Eclipse installation directory and find the eclipse.ini file. Here’s how it looks in some installations.

What you need to do is to increase the memory allocation for the IDE. Increase the value of the following lines that you think is reasonable with your system and projects.

You can optionally increase the value of XX:MaxPermSize Restart Eclipse for the changes to take effect.

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