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admin Privilege for Tomcat7 in Windows

Right click on the tomcat7.exe (found at %CATALINA_HOME%\bin). Click on the Properties menu item and then select the Compatibility tab. Check the Run this program as an administrator checkbox under the Privilege Level section. Click the OK button.

admin Privilege for Tomcat7 in Windows


Configuring Tomcat 6 with eclipse in ubuntu

Configuring Tomcat 6 with eclipse in ubuntu

Configuring Tomcat 6 with eclipse in ubuntu

open terminal and type this
sudo apt-get install tomcat6(not required if already installed)
cd /usr/share/tomcat6
sudo ln -s /var/lib/tomcat6/conf conf
sudo ln -s /etc/tomcat6/policy.d/03catalina.policy conf/catalina.policy
sudo ln -s /var/log/tomcat6 log
sudo chmod -R 777 /usr/share/tomcat6/conf
restart server
then configure the server

Running multiple tomcat servers

Running multiple tomcat servers

Running multiple tomcat servers

Download tomcat, and unpack it twice, into two separate directories. Edit the conf/server.xml file in one of the copies in the following way: Change the port on the root Server element to a different number (e.g. 8006) Change the port attributes on the Connector elements to a different number (e.g. 8010 instead of 8009, 8081 instead of 8080 and 8444 instead of 8443) You should now be able to run the bin/ scripts in both installations to get two running tomcats. Connect using port 8080 and install the basic application services, and then connect using port 8081 to install the service provider management services. Source link. Some other useful links are given linkslinks.
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